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Air Quality & Mold Testing

Surface Sampling Services

Protect Your Family From Mold

Respiratory illnesses are only some of the diseases that can come from exposure to mold. Let the team of experts at Environmental Assessments & Solutions, Inc. help identify and suggest a treatment for your mold problem.

Expect a Variety of Benefits
  • Improved indoor air quality.

  • Odor elimination.

  • An increased value on your home.

  • Improved health.

Thorough Testing For Mold
  • Thorough inspections and testing.

  • Project monitoring and air testing.

  • Flood damage assessments.

  • Exposure assessments.

  • Mold remediation plans.

  • Post-remediation verification (clearance) inspections.

  • Evaluation of mold causes - moisture, humidity, and ventilation.

  • Hidden moisture and mold (non-invasive and non-damaging) inspections.

  • Pre-home purchase inspections.

  • Evaluation of other indoor environmental health hazards such as asbestos materials, lead hazards & infestations commonly associated with water damage.

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