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1. Every house has mold.

2. Not all molds can cause harmful health effects.

3. Most mold problems in the home can be prevented.

4. The key to solving any mold problem is identifying

and correcting the water sources.

5. A pre-settlement Mold Assessment can save you money

and reduce the risk for litigation.

CLAIRITY QUEST, LLC provides Real Estate Mold Certification for home sellers in 

New Jersey & Philadelphia. It is essential for sellers to obtain a real estate mold certification prior to listing their home on the market.

Have you heard of a home or property not selling because of mold? Or of a "mold contingency"? Ten years ago, no one ever heard of such a thing. But mold is getting much more attention in today's real estate market, and home inspectors are looking for mold on a regular basis. Most of us laugh at the idea of mold entering into a real estate transaction. But mold litigation is on the rise. More and more lawyers are handling cases relating to mold exposure. And many judgments have been awarded in these cases, suggesting that they have plenty of legal punch. Also, in some states, mortgage companies are now requiring that properties be certified before a mortgage or a refinance can be issued.

The most common problem for sellers these days is when a potential buyer's home inspector, who is NOT a certified mold inspector, discovers a small amount of mold in a basement or attic and puts it in their report. These inspections are typically performed after an offer has been made and accepted by both sides. The buyer usually has 10 ten days to perform inspections. Even though the home inspector is not a mold inspector, the buyer then tells the seller that there is a "mold problem" in the property and they need to either reduce the sale price or get some professional mold remediation. The seller, who is usually unaware of the "mold problem", then begins scrambling to get estimates for mold remediation. They call mold remediation companies and let them know that they are selling their home, and that their potential buyer's home inspector "found mold" that needs to be remediated. The remediation company then comes to the property and will attempt to charge the seller thousands of dollars to "remediate" a very small or insignificant amount of mold. Because in this market, the seller is usually desperate to sell and does not want the deal to be broken, they end up agreeing to the remediation service and are forced to pay thousands of dollars for something that may not have been needed in the first place.

This is why it is absolutely essential for sellers to obtain a real estate mold certification prior to listing their home on the market. The certification is obtained by getting the property inspected for mold prior to listing; if there are any issues with mold, they are solved or treated and then a certification is issued. This way, when a home inspector, who is not usually a certified mold inspector, finds a spot of mold and puts in his or her report, the seller is protected with the certification and can present it to the buyer, letting them know that the property has already been certified. This also gives the buyer peace of mind and helps to secure financing with the mortgage company, ultimately protecting the investment and the home, and minimizing the risk involved with mold.

If you are selling your home or are in need of certified mold remediation prior to listing, give us a call today to get your property certified.

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